Your Referrals Help Improve the Lives of Local Shelter Animals

We are excited to help the Seattle Animal Shelter.  They are a great organization that relies on donations and volunteers to enhance the lives of the shelter animals in their care.  Most people are surprised to learn that the animal shelter rescues more than just dogs and cats.  They typically have a selection of bunnies, parakeets, finches, doves, gerbils, Guinea pigs and reptiles!  So, if you are thinking of adding to your family, check out the Seattle Animal Shelter first!

How You Can Help the Seattle Animal Shelter

We want to make it easy for you to refer your friends, neighbors, associates or family members that are considering making a move. Here are your options: Fill out the contact form below or call or text us directly! We would love to hear from you. Steve 206-769-9577 or Sandra 206-271-7100. You and your referrals mean the world to us. Please know we are extremely thankful for you being a part of our business. A portion of our income from each referral we receive will be donated to the Seattle Animal Shelter.

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