Homeward Bound | November 2017

Giving Thanks!

The month of November brings about an extra opportunity to say Thank You for being a valuable part of our business. We are very grateful for your confidence and loyalty and would be remiss if we didn’t sincerely say thank you for your support over the years.

As most begin to prepare for the holiday season, plan Thanksgiving get-togethers and the like, it’s easy to become wrapped up in all that we have to do to ensure a fun and joyful time. It is easy to overlook all that we have to be thankful for. Gratitude though is an attitude that is contagious!

May the good life be yours in abundance, not only this holiday season, but throughout the coming year.

With Gratitude – Sandra & Steve

Help Support YouthCare!

Windermere and the Seattle Seahawks are teaming up to #tacklehomelessness in our community. As part of that campaign, our office is participating in Windermere’s “We’ve Got You Covered” winter drive.

Through November 10, we are collecting new hats, scarves, gloves/mittens and warm socks for YouthCare, a non-profit that provides support and services to homeless youth throughout the Puget Sound area.

Each night in Seattle, nearly 1,000 young people are homeless. And with the winter months quickly approaching, YouthCare is in dire need of survival supplies to keep homeless youth warm and dry during the long, wet winter.

You can drop off your donations at our office: 12250 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98133

Thanks for your support!

Retired Police Dog Honored

In the spirit of saying Thanks, I thought this story was sweet and appropriate. Ziva was recently honored at the 7th Annual Raining Cats & Dogs Auction in October that benefited the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation.

In her long career, Ziva has been on more than 5,000 police calls, 81 felony arrests, and 23 misdemeanor arrests. Ziva earned her Washington State Police Canine Association certificate on February 10, 2011. The next day, she caught her first suspect.

In addition to her impressive crime fighting experience, Ziva is also a natural at fund raising. She has been a notable K9 and community ambassador, demonstrating her tracking skills at more than 100 events in the Seattle area. Over the years Ziva has raised more than $40,000 for local animal shelters and organizations including the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation.

As Ziva gets close to her 10th birthday she is getting ready for retirement. We hope she enjoys many happy years in retirement! Hopefully she’ll make time for special appearances for fund raising for her fellow furry friends.

Let’s Find Chloe a Home!

Chloe has been in foster care for over a year. It’s time to find her a forever home. In foster care, Chloe has really come out of her shell. She is still shy at first, but with just a little patience she blossoms into a fun-loving dog. She is house trained and enjoys her people. She does better in a quieter environment with no cats to chase. She does get along well with other well-mannered dogs.

See all of her Foster Parent’s comments at:

http://bit.ly/ChloeOnInstagram and her video at: http://bit.ly/ChloeVideo

Your referrals help improve the lives of local shelter animals…

Steve and I are happy that we can help out the Seattle Animal Shelter. If anyone you know is considering making a move, wanting to buy or sell their home, please refer them to us. They will receive excellent care and service. And as you know, we back our performance for both buyers and sellers with our Performance Guarantees.   Not only will your friends and family receive our award winning service, but we donate a portion of our commission to support the Help The Animals Fund. It’s our way of saying Thank You for your loyalty and trust! So YES! your referrals help local shelter animals.

We want to make it easy to refer your friends, neighbors, associates or family members considering making a move. Here are your options:

  1. Simply visit https://brennerhill.com/referral-rewards to provide your referral.
  2. Email Sandra with your referrals at sbrenner@windermere.com.
  3. Of course you can always call or text us directly! We would love to hear from you. Steve 206-769-9577 or Sandra 206-271-7100

You and your referrals mean the world to us. Please know we are extremely thankful for you being a part of our business.

With much appreciation, Sandra & Steve

Meet Princess

This natural beauty found herself back at the Seattle Animal Shelter when her owner fell ill and could no longer care for her. She is a calm and affectionate companion and would be a great first cat for someone.

Princess doesn’t like to share her humans with other cats, but is fine with dogs—go figure! She has been diagnosed with diabetes, but does not require insulin, just a high quality protein diet low in carbs.

Why We Support the Seattle Animal Shelter

As you all know by now, I am a huge animal lover! My home life includes 12 pet pigeons in an outdoor aviary, a ring neck dove and pionus parrot in my home office, two 3 year old cats and, thankfully, a very easy-going husband! All but one of the pigeons are rescues, the dove is a rescue and our 31 year parrot was adopted 11 years ago, and, of course, the two cats were adopted from the Seattle Animal Shelter and PAWS. I’m a huge believer in giving animals a second chance.

The Seattle Animal Shelter is, for the most part, a no-kill shelter. Meaning, they will not euthanize an animal because of space or time. They rely heavily on volunteers and donations. Please help us to help improve the lives of these shelter animals!

We donate a portion of every transaction to the Help The Animals Fund. Donations to this fund are put to work in numerous ways to promote animal welfare. The top priority is to rehabilitate animals that are the subject of cruelty and neglect. Donations to this fund pay for veterinary care for shelter animals along with promoting educational outreach to prevent homeless, unwanted and abused animals. This fund also supports the shelter’s foster and volunteer program ensuring that each animal receives loving care while at the shelter

Help Topsy and Junior find a new loving home

Ok…these little cuties are not crime fighters like Ziva, but they would love to steal your heart! Topsy and Junior ended up at the Seattle Animal Shelter when their owner passed away and her daughter was unable to take them. They are spry 15 year old Pomeranian mixes who are very well-behaved gentlemen. They have been life-long besties and must be adopted together.

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