Homeward Bound | June 2018

  “Seas” The Day! Donation & Adoption Success Stories!

We were happy as clams to be able to present the Seattle Animal Shelter with our donation of $1,200 last month! We are able to raise this money due to the wonderful referrals that we receive from our amazing clients!

When we dropped off the check, we got a chance to get a couple pictures

with two of the adoptable animals.

Sypher is an adorable Japanese Chin and Molly is a beautiful orange Tabby cat!

I guess we are good luck charms because both of these cuties were adopted the very next day! 


June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month!

“No matter how vast the sea, sometimes two ships are destined to meet.” 

Find your next first mate!



Meet Stella!

Stunning Stella is a medium sized female adult tuxedo cat with big soft fluffy fur and friendly eyes. She is a total sweetheart! She is calm and gets along with everyone. Might she be the perfect addition to your crew?


Meet Mr. Jingles!

Mr Jingles is a big sweetheart with a big personality. He’s a social guy who loves attention, although he’s just as fine doing his own thing. This big guy is over 20 lbs and loves to lounge, play and cuddle. Mr. Jingles is polydactyl – his paws have extra toes which make them extra big and fluffy! He loves being groomed, cuddled, played with, and will give you lots of purrs of approval. Mr. Jingles is looking for a forever home with a moderate amount of activity. This big gentle cat would do well with a loving family that can give him time for cuddles.


Meet Shubunkin!

Shubunkin is a very beautiful and chill 16-year-old girl. She has a silky smooth Calico coat. She is mellow and likes to lay around but she will accept affection whenever she gets it! Shubunkin loves catnip and once you get to know her she should fit seamlessly into her new forever home!

Proud Supporters of the 19th Annual Furry 5K!

Steve and I are happy to support this annual fund raising event for the

Seattle Animal Shelter!


There is still time! Register at Furry5K.com

Proceeds go to the Help The Animals Fund!



Your referrals help improve the lives of local shelter animals…

Steve and I are happy that we can help out the Seattle Animal Shelter.  If anyone you know is considering making a move, wanting to buy or sell their home, please refer them to us. They will receive excellent care and service.  And as you know, we back our performance for both buyers and sellers with our Performance Guarantees.   Not only will your friends and family receive our award winning service,  but we donate a portion of our commission to support the Help The Animals Fund.  It’s our way of saying Thank You for your loyalty and trust! So YES! your referrals help local shelter animals.


We want to make it easy to refer your friends, neighbors, associates or family members considering making a move. Here are your options:

  1. You can pass along our business card to them.
  2. Email Sandra with your referrals at sbrenner@windermere.com.
  3. Of course you can always call or text us directly! We would love to hear from you. Steve 206-769-9577 or  Sandra 206-271-7100

You and your referrals mean the world to us.  Please know we are extremely thankful for

you being a part of our business.

With much appreciation,

Sandra & Steve














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