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Last week I had the fun task of helping this little, days old bunny get a chance at survival.  He first came to my attention through the Seattle Animal’s Facebook Critter page.  A friend of one of the contributors found two babies in his driveway and didn’t know what to do.  The advice on the page was for him to try and find the nest and put them back in it.  Finding the nest wasn’t possible, so he put the babies in the brush where he thought the nest might be.  The next day, one of the babies was back on the driveway and had died.

The surviving baby was near the spot that he had left it, but it didn’t appear that the mother rabbit had found her babies.  The advice given to him was to call PAWS. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t take the baby because it was too young. There wasn’t much positive action on the post after that. I was a little surprised that no one from the Facebook group was stepping up to try and get the surviving baby rescued. As you all know, I couldn’t not try and help!

He and I finally connected at 5:30pm on Thursday.  I found out that he lived about 20 minutes Southeast of Issaquah.  Ugh!  He agreed to meet me in Issaquah for the bunny hand off.  Of course at that hour it took me over an hour to get from North Seattle to Issaquah.  On my way, I called my friend Zoe who has lots of rabbit experience. I was hoping to be able to take him to her. She couldn’t take him, however, she called Sarvey Wildlife Center in Arlington to see if they would rescue him. They said yes, but there was no way I was going to be able to get there before they closed.

This little guy was going to be my responsibility for the night. Fortunately Zoe had other friends with rescue experience.  I learned that baby Cottontails have VERY delicate systems and you have to be very careful what you feed them. If you Google “what to feed baby bunnies”, kitten replacement formula comes up as an OK food. However, according to Zoe’s bunny rescue friend kitten replacement formula would not be a good choice for a Cottontail who is just a few days old. She had skunk milk replacement formula for me to use.  I didn’t even know that was a thing! Fortunately she lived in Green Lake and it was easy for me to pop off the freeway on my way back from picking up the little guy.

Feeding him that night was challenging at first.  He felt so delicate in my hand.  He was only a few inches long.  At first I couldn’t get him to eat.  I then found a video of how to feed a baby bunny. (It’s amazing what you can find online).  After that I was able to get him to eat, which was such a relief!  By then it was 9:30PM and it was definitely time for a gin & soda.

The next morning, I was relieved to see that he survived the night with us.  Feeding also went fine that morning.  My fabulous husband, George, drove our little guest up to Sarvey Wildlife Center.

If you’ve never checked out Sarvey, visit their website! They have amazing rescue stories—SarveyWildlife.org.

Meet Shelly!

Shelly is a beautiful, small, brown, Russian Tortoise looking for a great new forever home! Turtles and tortoises can be wonderful companion animals!

Come see her at the Seattle Animal Shelter Critter room Wed-Sun 1-6pm!


Meet Charlie!

Too much cute stuff! He’s a very friendly long-haired Syrian hamster that loves snacking on treats like his favorite “O’s” cereal! He would love to meet a nice someone for his forever home!

Come see him at the Seattle Animal Shelter Critter room Wed-Sun 1-6pm!


Meet Kaya!
This lovely year old German Shephard/Mix is a bit shy, but it doesn’t take long for her to make friends – if that person has treats, even better! Already house trained, she knows how to ‘sit’, and with her food motivation will respond well to positive reinforcement training. Kaya requires a moderately active, adult only home, preferably with shy/fearful dog experience. She’s good with some other dogs. It will be SO heart-warming and rewarding to watch Kaya blossom and become her true self!


Meet Leon!

Leon is a very handsome grey & white lionhead mix rabbit that is looking for his new forever home! He has some attitude that says pick me if you want the most handsome rabbit ever!

Come meet Leon at the Seattle Animal Shelter Critter Room Wed-Sun 1-6pm!


Meet Sunny!

Sunny is a beautiful calico cat who is a sweetheart with lots of love to give. She loves to relax, lounge, scratch her scratching post, and she especially loves getting pets and cuddles with her favorite humans. Sunny would do well living in a forever home that is indoors only, with folks who have had some experience owning cats and who enjoy having a lap cat. She would do well in a quieter home with no kids, and with another cat or dog if it’s the right fit. Sunny has a *sunny* disposition and is sweet as can be!


Your referrals help improve the lives of local shelter animals…

Steve and I are happy that we can help out the Seattle Animal Shelter.  If anyone you know is considering making a move, wanting to buy or sell their home, please refer them to us. They will receive excellent care and service.  And as you know, we back our performance for both buyers and sellers with our Performance Guarantees. Not only will your friends and family receive our award winning service,  but we donate a portion of our commission to support the Help The Animals Fund.  It’s our way of saying Thank You for your loyalty and trust! So YES! your referrals help local shelter animals.

We want to make it easy to refer your friends, neighbors, associates or family members considering making a move. Here are your options:

  1. You can pass along our business card to them.
  2. Email Sandra with your referrals at sbrenner@windermere.com.
  3. Of course you can always call or text us directly! We would love to hear from you.                                                                                          Steve 206-769-9577 or  Sandra 206-271-7100

You and your referrals mean the world to us.  Please know we are extremely thankful for you being a part of our business.

With much appreciation,

Sandra & Steve







We wanted to give a shout out to Sarvey Wildlife Care Center after they were so great about taking in the bunny! If you’ve not heard of them, they are an amazing non-profit organization that was established in 1981. They are located on a 5 acre lot in Arlington, WA. Each year approximately 2000 patients are cared for at Sarvey. No animal is ever turned away! Their main goal is to provide food, shelter, and rehabilitation to orphaned and injured wildlife. Sarvey depends on individual donations from their supporters. While they don’t require it, they do appreciate contributions when animals are brought in. On top of all the wonderful work they do for animals, Sarvey also believes that helping wildlife lies in educating humans. They offer over 120 education programs per year, for schools, organizations, and the general public. We love Sarvey!










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